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You know someone who'd like to join us? Great! 

We welcome new starters in any of the sections, though we do sometimes have a waiting list as numbers are limlted. 

Beavers is the first and youngest Section in the Scouting family, and is for young people aged between six and eight years old. Young people can join Beaver Scouts in the three months leading up to their sixth birthday. Easily recognised by their distinctive turquoise sweatshirts, Beaver Scouts enjoy making friends, playing games, going on visits and helping others.Some Beaver Scout Colonies also organise Sleepovers. These are often the first time a young person spends a night away from home. They take place in suitable buildings, often Scout centres.

Cubs is for those between age eight and ten and a half years old, though they can join as early as seven and a half if there's space.  There are loads of fun things that you can do as a Cub Scout. You will get a chance to try lots of different activities like swimming, music, exploring, computing and collecting. If you do them properly you will get a badge which you can wear on your uniform. Cubs also get to go on trips and days out, to places like the zoo, theme parks or a farm. Sometimes you will be able to go camping with the rest of your Pack. This will mean you sleeping in a tent and doing loads of outdoor activities.

Scouts for ten and a half to fourteen-year olds.  Scouts take part in a wide range of activities as part of their programme, from archery to expeditions. There are many awards that Scouts can work towards, completing Challenges to get the Chief Scout's Gold Award. However, taking part and having fun is just as important as what you achieve as a Scout. The balanced programme of activities encourages Scouts to find out about the world in which they live, know their own abilities and the importance of keeping fit and developing their creative talents. There are also opportunities to explore their beliefs and attitudes.

If your child would like to join us please complete and submit this form. If your child is below the starting age, please send us the details anyway and we can add them to the waiting list.