Here's a list of links to scouting resources that you might find useful:

The Oxfordshire County Scout Website - Look here for all County Events
North Oxfordshire District Scouts - Our District Scouting Website - Includes details on Horley Campsite
Horley Scout Camp Details (here's a link to a Map)
CPCW - The (Scout) County Patrol Camping Weekend Site with entry forms and details etc.
Oxfordshire Adult Training - Up-to-date information on adult training courses
Scout Shops - The online Scout Shop for Uniform, Souvenirs, and other Scout gubbins. Please note that this is sometimes NOT the cheapest place to find rucksacks, tents and equipment.
The Woggle Shop - Some Fab Woggles for sale.
The IT Badge Web Site - visit it, earn a badge!! The home web site of the Scouting IT badge. It allows Beavers, Cubs & Scouts to earn their IT skills badge by following the instructions. Easy!!!

The Bloxham Village Web Site - Find all the news and hot gossip in happening Bloxham. Like Heat magazine but with more scandal.