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15th May

posted 13 May 2013, 13:06 by Chris Lilley   [ updated 13 May 2013, 13:10 ]
International Food Part 2 this week - your turn to provide some. Hope you've all remembered which country you chose. If not, there's a list at the end. 
Remember, you should be researching this and making something, not just going out and buying food. We'll be expecting you to tell us about the country and its food culture, and why you've chosen to cook what you have.  Having said that, we'll be looking forward to yummy food and I'm sure none of the leaders will be having dinner before scouts, so make it good :-)
You also need to bring your bike and helmet so that we can check them over and ensure you're going to be safe for the upcoming bike ride. We won't be repairing anything, but we might send you home with a list of things that will need to be fixed before the ride. You will need lights for the ride, as it's dark by 9pm.
Here are the countries for the international food challenge:
Josh: Western India
Milly - Spain
MIsha - Argentina
Lily - Egypt
Ellie - Sweden
Jaz - North India
Ella - New Zealand
Vicky - Hawaii
Megan - Kenya
Martha - Tanzania
Maisie - Mexico
Georgie - Brazil
James - ? (sorry! I obviously didn't write it down!)
Emma - South Africa