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Battered Pan - 25th Feb

posted 16 Feb 2015, 09:21 by Graham Duckworth

Our annual “Battered Pan” pancake competition will be running at Taurus Lodge at Horley Campsite from 7pm to 9pm.

 (see our flicker page for what goes on)

Each Scout has been allocated to a team and the teams should have chosen a Theme as well as two pancake courses they are going to make (using a 2 ring camp gas cooker).  At least one of their courses is savoury and they need to bring all their ingredients (batter ready mixed if they wish) as well as pots, pans, plates, tea-towel, pan scrubs, etc.


As this activity has some risk of burns, please ensure that you child knows how to act around hot pans, sharp knives etc.


There will also be a pancake tossing competition which means that each scout needs to bring along a ready made pancake for this part of the night.


The teams are as follows:


Kirsten Megan Laura


Lottie Maddy Milly


Toby Josh James


Maisie Misha Tom


Kira John Noah Emma