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Dress Rehearsal

posted 3 Dec 2013, 12:49 by Chris Lilley
A last-minute reminder that this week is our last opportunity to rehearse the panto before next week's performance. So... you should have your lines all learned so that you won't need to hold your script (we're going to rehearse without), you'll need to come with whatever costume(s) and props you need for the performance, and you need to be at the school ready to start the dress rehearsal at 7pm. That's 7pm!

Oh, and remember, this is supposed to be fun, so bring a big smile and a vastly exaggerated sense of humour (LOL, slaps knee)

People I have down to bring props are:

Ellie: Photos of Princess
Emma: Needle & material
Milly: Book of spells
Megan: Rucksack, sleeping bag, Lonely Planet guide
Josh: Golf bag
Jared: Newspaper (fake headline if poss: Late News: Infant Princess Lost In Forest)
Ellis: Everything else :-)

For anyone not actually in the performance: please could you wear black t-shirt/trousers if you have them, otherwise just whatever dark coloured clothing you have will do.

Thanks, all. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

BTW, none of this should come as a surprise!